A  S  T  R  O  N  O  M  I  C  A  L      E  N  T  E  R  T  A  I  N  M  E  N  T      F  O  R      A  N  Y      E  N  G  A  G  E  M  E  N  T  

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From the tiniest subatomic particles,
to the most majestic of spiraling
galaxies, all elements of nature
revolve. It is the first, and will
be the last, story told by the universe.

Since the time of Ancient Egypt,
mystic men – members of
secret societies, harnessed
this knowledge by ceremoniously
whirling, imitating the spiraling
structure of life and the cosmos.
By spinning in a state of
blissful euphoria, they transcended
the physical limitations of gravity,
their bodies becoming
a bridge between earthly
and heavenly spheres.

. This ceremony of
  whirling resurfaced in 13th
  century Turkey where it was
  performed by dervishes, members
  of the mystic brotherhoods,
  who often were philosophers,
  poets or astronomers. Combining
  these ancient concepts with
  his own interpretation,
  Gregangelo has been performing
  his uniquely secular adaptation
  of the whirling dervish for
  over two decades, dazzling
  audiences worldwide. His
  spectacular costume represents
  the outer reaches of the cosmos.
  He sheds layer by layer, moving
  from the expanse of the Universe
  to our galaxy, to our solar
  system, to Earth and finally
  to the individual.

Gregangelo calls himself an
  “unidentified whirling object.”
  He is assisted by Axis/Jeffrey Ferns.

Gut Reactions from some
enthusiastic audience members:

“Your act made me
  want to vomit.”
- Vertigo Sufferer(s)

“This other-whirledly
  whirled class act
  whirled my whirligig,
  whistled the Cat
  in the Hat.”
- Dr. Seuss

“You looked like
  a record player.”
- Disc Jockey

“How do you keep
  from getting dizzy?
- Medical Doctor

“You spun 432
  times and you
  looked like a
- 3rd grader

“That looks like
  more fun than the
  Tilt-O-Whirl ride.”
- Amusement park

Media, Press, and
Presenters say:

“spinning into   
mythical ecstasy   
...Don't try this at home kids!”

mystical... hypnotic.” 
- S.F. Chronicle

“It's amazing!  
...will transport   
you to a world   
of fantasy, mystery.”
- Seattle Weekly

...elaborate... complete.”
-Vanity Fair 

“spins like a centrifuge   
- NEXT Magazine, NYC

“Exciting and highly   
engaging... masterful.”
- World Arts West SF

“Thank you for making   
our event an over-the-top   
experience. You were   
worth every penny!”
- Peak Performance 
Productions, Portland, OR





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From Cirque Du Soleil's Bravo series, “Solstrum”

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The Whirling Dervish Act is also available as an ensemble
show with four female dancers or two female contortionists.


Photos: Andy Freeburg

Sprung from the traditions of early

man in ceremonial rites of passage,

Gregangelo’s contemporary aerial

act combines strength, skill, and

grace. A daring display of unusual

climbs, knots,and sudden drops,

this act can be performed solo

or double on a single rope

or on multiple ropes.

  What a piece of work is a man!

        how noble in reason!

                how infinite in faculty!

                        in form and moving how express and admirable!

                                in action how like an angel!

                                        in apprehension how like a god!

                                                —Hamlet. Act ii. Sc. 2.
                                                        William Shakespeare


















                           Photo: Lois Tema





                                     Photos: Lois Tema


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