Gregangelo & Velocity Circus are proud to be affiliated with
Rachel Stegman’s Circus School of Arizona
located in the Phoenix AZ area.
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Portrait of a Velocity Circus Mongolian Contortionist

Informative, entertaining, and motivational interactive lectures, demonstrations,
and assemblies are available for elementary, school, junior high,
high school, college, and university level students.

1. ENTERTAINMENT IN THE ANCIENT WORLD: focuses on the roots and development of whirling dervish, contortion, percussion, and costuming from the ancient Eastern world and how it has evolved today in cotemporary culture.

2. RITES OF PASSAGE: traces the roots and development of fire artistry, aerial acrobatics, and other variety arts sprung from various cultures rituals and Rites of Passage.

artwork of Dervish costume
by 6th grade student

watercolor of contortionist
by student

cartoon done by elementary school student

                                                        "WOW! I am overwhelmed and blown away with the assembly you and Gregangelo put together for us today.
                                                        The quality of the show and talent was/is outstanding and very impressive. All aspects were really top-notch.
                                                        The kids haven't been that excited and engaged in a performance in quite awhile. Both groups of students
                                                        (younger and older) responded with sincere enthusiasm. Even my "sophiticated 6th graders" got into the
                                                        performances and were excited and intrigued by what they saw.

                                                        Your welcome from the ropes was a terrific way to begin the program. The rolling dervish, of course, is amazing
                                                        to watch. I can't imagine anyone being able to spin like that and not get totally dizzy! Of course, the dancer and
                                                        contortionist were both unbelievable. I was watching kids trying to copy the movements they were seeing.
                                                        It was really cute!

                                                        Please convey my thanks to everyone for a wonderful experience for our students and staff. This is an assembly
                                                        I will be recommending to colleagues for other schools. Feel free to use my name as a reference anytime for any
                                                        of the performers! They are all truly amazing. It was especially fun for me to see you in action. I am very proud of you!

                                                              Las Sendas Elementary School
                                                              Mesa AZ USA

  “Your performances blew me away!”
—Mariel Beadoin (student)

“Thank you for introducing us to the
intricate cultures of these feats.”

—Julian Corey (student)

it must be interesting having a career as
a whirling dervish. Are there any job openings?”
—Robbie Wendorf (student)


All include astounding performances by our world-class
artists, stories, questions/answer segment, costume display,
and "hands-on" interactive antics with students!

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Corporate team-building instruction / motivational
activities are available in the following disciplines:
Various Visual Arts
Flying Trapeze
Hula Hoop Stunts
Hand-blown Bubbles
Improvisation / Clowning
Candied Edible Landscapes & Architecture

Please call for complete information
on team-building assemblies

Gyronaut leading a group in playful and
competitive Hula-hoop stunts

Learning science is super fun.
This is a child’s rendering of basic human
organs from our “Hip Science” class

Children of all ages are encouraged to
draw/sketch/paint/mold/sculpt the artists
who perform at the educational seminars

Private and group “hands-on” workshops motivational,
team-building, or “just for fun” activities are available
in the following disciplines:

Bead/Jewelry Crafts
Fire and Water Sculpting
Clay Sculpting
Fine Arts & Pop Art Painting0
Theatrical Make-Up and Body Painting
Doll and Puppet Making
Theatrical Costume Embellishment
Scrumptious Confection Sculptures

Please call for information and special requests

Guests sclupting clay with
Michaelangelo & Adrianna (model)

Velocity Circus Troupe
 ( 4 1 5 ) 6 6 4 - 0 0 9 5

       ( 4 1 5 ) 6 6 5 - 3 6 7 6


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