• Indulge your guests in a blissful realm with this fragrant Hookah lounge that appeals to all of the senses.
• Exotic female and male attendants prepare the opulent water pipes with sweet, sensual tobaccos drenched in honey, apricot, and other sweet delights which are offered as an unusual and relaxing greeting to your guests. The attendants may further indulge your guests with offerings of shoulder, head, and neck massage, as well as offerings of exotic fruits and nuts to entice.

• Belly Dancers and snake charmers entertain on stages bathed in projected light images of sacred geometric patterns. The dancers also engage guests in strategic games of backgammon.
• Illuminated dragonfly and lotus lamps, opulent silk paintings, hanging luminescent geometric lanterns, Persian carpets and pillows add to the sumptuous decor and ambience of this haven.
• Henna artists and fortune tellers of various divinities may be added to the lounge…

This service has always proven to be a wonderful gathering place, bringing friends together in a new experience.

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