This ALL-FEMALE, DAREDEVIL DUO roars through the air! The motorcycle, trapeze artist and rider impossibly balanced upon a thin wire! The finale – a complete 360 revolution around the wire – has to be seen to be believed!

This hot, one-of-a-kind motorcycle thrill shown has been featured in America’s biggest biker events and music festivals. Able to perform multiple shows in a day, this act delivers all-day excitement. Covered in led’s, the bike lights up the night sky.

Set-up requirements:
-200 feet by 50 feet of level, solid, dry surface
-50 feet over head clearance
( surface can be asphalt, but be advised there will be holes left in the blacktop which I can fill with sand and patch when rigging is removed- solid, packed earth is best)
- area cleared for driving 36″stakes by the municipality ( or the private owner
- electricity to show site for set up and during show time for lights and sound system and dressing room trailer parked on show site
-two laborers, who are able to swing a sledge hammer, for two hours for set-up and tear down
- access to show area 24 hours prior to first show

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