Discover one of San Francisco’s Hidden Treasures


Discover one of San Francisco’s Hidden Treasures

…Born and inspired in San Francisco.

For over 25 years, multi-media artist Gregangelo has dedicated his labor to transform one structure into dimensions which the senses now savor. The tombs of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs you will recall; On spiraling constellations of stars and planets your gaze will fall.

Sci-Fi futurism fills one room while imperial green bursts from another in full bloom. Astronomy, geometry, and philosophy surround you in an oasis of colors where fantasies abound. This off-the-beaten path museum captivates the imagination of all who visit Don’t miss the chance to see this breathtaking exhibit.

The museum is available as a location for commerical photo shoots,television commercials, movies, etc. Please call for day rates and availability.

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