Hi Gregangelo,

Your vitality and sense of adventure is magic stardust and adds dimensions to what would anyway be a sumptuous feast to the eyes and senses. I realised afterwards that your house is not only like a Tardis spacially, but also in the sense of time travel. Present, past and future join hands while on your cosmic journey. And the grandiose, playful, beauty and crass images tango and fandango leaving a lasting fallout of questions and possibilities.
Huge thanks from all four of us who got to know one another better – as we got to know you – during the shimmering journey.

“Hi Gregangelo and Crew!  I just wanted to let you know that the group is still raving about the incredible experience they had at your museum. I have never had so many compliments on a trip. This goes without saying that we will be back in 2017, for those who were unable to sign up. There is definitely a buzz about the trip. I appreciate everything you did for the Seniors and I cannot believe how much fun they had. Thanks so much! “
-Seniors tour organizer

“Sonja and I had a blast!  As I said to Gregangelo, I thought the experience was very much needed in our society.  The arts do not get nearly enough respect and this tour gives the person a more in depth view into the mind of an artist and let’s them relate their vision to everyday life.  As artists ourselves, we were extremely inspired by what we saw and the stories we heard.  Discussions about art, spirituality and imagination are not something I come across on my daily life often, so it was very refreshing to do that on this tour.  We truly appreciate Gregangelo’s time he spent out of his busy life to give us such a personal, connected experience.  His visions and philosophies need to be shared.”

“Gregangelo (say the whole name, he’s more than just a Greg) was an amazing host. His house is a character within itself and there is more than enough to see. Gregangelo is a funny, outspoken, self assured, glorious example of letting your soul guide your life with purpose. I got to see a rehearsal for one of his upcoming performances and it’s clear that he is a lightning rod of creativity for all artists around him. He sees the best in people and does what he can to bring it out. Spending time conversing and learning with him was the highlight of my trip. I used to think that I was too weird for words. He helped me realize I was too weird for the confines of MY world and to enjoy it. He is a friend for life and I can’t wait to see him in the future. You’d be doing yourself a great disservice to not get to meet him!”
Adam Roker, Chicago, IL, United States
-Guest at Gregangelo’s home

“I will never be impressed again.”

-Hanus, World Traveler

“This is the best place I’ve ever visited…and I’ve been around!”
-90 year old woman

“I would sell my soul to live here”.
-Teenage girl

“I find this place breathtaking on so many levels. It is so dense yet so calming”
-Modernist Architect/ Interior designer
 – Palm Springs

“It feels like a crazy dream. I need a bottle of water.”
-IT Consultant

“Gregangelo Herrera… mastermind of what can safely be called the most unusual house in San Francisco, if not the universe… Picture Ancient Egypt meets Arabian Nights meets Dr. Seuss meets Austin Powers, complete with life-size sarcophagi, a mosaic wall of the solar system and psychedelic secret passageways.”
-Marianne Costantinou, San Francisco Chronicle

“I live my art through and through in everything I do… I think of the house as a theatrical stage, and each room is a show.”

-Gregangelo Herrera

“Gregangelo museum is a Surreal space that looks like the lovechild of Cleopatra and Salvador Dali… a puddle of Willy Wonka’s brain matter. a haunted house inspired by a Led Zeppelin album cover… a safe and cozy Muppet womb… I never want to leave.”
-Sara Faith Alterman from the The Bold Italic

“If one magical being could curate a space that displayed all of my deepest passion, inspirations, aspirations, feelings, thoughts, confusions, questions, laughs, hopes, dreams, everything that my treasure chest of this life in this body beholds, then Gregangelo and Velocity have been the closest. And magical he must be since we’ve only just met for the first time (in this reality). “
– Dre “Poco” Devis, Artist

“After my tour of the amazing house (which seemed to bend space and go on forever), I caught myself smiling as I attempted to describe the house to my sister. I finally gave up and said it was really whatever one can imagine multiplied by infinity.”
-Marilyn A, Science Teacher

“Imagine mashing together Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, then shoving it inside of Studio 54. That will give you a taste of Gregangelo’s work, but just a taste. It is something you must experience for yourself.”
-Tana Sabatino,  Vallue Consulting Inc.

“A fabulous journey into your imagination! So much is possible, my thoughts and visions are bubbling up even now. Your capacity to wonder is infectious.”
-Tracy Swedlow,  The TV of Tomorrow Show

“You keep me dreaming bigger and creating more fun adventures in my own life all these years later… The world NEEDS the beauty, joy and light that you bring!”
-Lisa Graham,  Jouralist

“How does one describe the experience I just had? Forget it! I am still shaking my head and re-adjusting my jaw. Your home was probably one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced in my whole life! Holy Smokes!”
-Pam, Holistic Healer

“I’m letting you know that your museum inspired me beyond my wildest dreams and I woke up at 3am like a rocket, smiling and energized.”
-Elyse J,  Youth Curriculum

“I have heard and known about you for years…but meeting you and seeing your “world” completely surpassed my high expectations.”
-Laurie, Artist

“This place makes the Taj Mahal look like a tract house in Daly City.”

-Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal

“Your home was probably one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced in my LIFE! We were so blown away. Beyond your creative, over-the-top home, was the wonderful feeling I got from you. Thank you for your generous time.”

-Pam Russo, Executive Director, Foundation & Marketing, St. Rose Hospital

“The visit to your kingdom was the highlight of our journey.”
-Family from the Arctic
Voted “Top Ten Most Beautiful and Exotic Homes.”
-Discovery Channel

“I’m speechless! Your home is supercallifragallistic expialadocious! And then some!”

– Tasha Melvin, The Fashion Company, San Francisco

“This place is better than Disneyland!”
– Ariana Maria Sinelnikoff, 9 year old

“Am I dreaming?”

– 10 year old

“Am I sleeping?”

– 8 year old

“I will never forget this day!”

– 16 year old

”My children have a very deep impression of you in their minds.  The degree of appreciation for all things that are considered “art” cannot be experienced more fully than at your museum/house and in who you are.  I’m hoping that some of your influence will rub off and they will let their creative side blossom.  May they always maintain their curiosity of the world and appreciate the beauty that is around us all the time.”
-Jade, Magician

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