When paintings dance and illuminate…

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This collaboration between Gregangelo, a San Francisco, USA based performing/ multi-media artist, and Raghava KK, a Bangalore, India based visual/fine artist, was commissioned by the American India Foundation and presented in San Jose, CA.

Anthropomorphismation, a portmanteau derived from the words anthros (human being), morph (the way in which an organism changes form), and illumination (to light and enlighten)

Through the fellowship of the 2 artists from 2 different worlds and 2 varying medium and concepts, this dynamic living art was brought to light.

Raghava’s majestic , monumental 40′wide x 18′high water color canvas was painted by his passionate hands (no brushes) in Gregangelo’s studio as Velocity Artists simultaneously modeled and rehearsed for the sumptuous production (see video link here). Gregangelo and his Velocity team than painted over Raghava’s elegantly finished figures with a pigment which can only be perceived in UV light. The dancers’ and circus artist’s costumes were part of the canvas and created with the same techniques.

The unveiling: in warm theatrical lighting featuring Gregangelo & Velocity Circus unrivaled choreography and music, both Ragava’s painting and the dancers synchronize in gracefully ascending from the floor towards the height of the rafters…moving as part of one another… lighting effects eclipse and the scene magically morphs. Gregangelo’s progression of the addition of phosphorescent clad aerialists and acrobats, fiber optic skaters, special illumination effects, and floating 3d glowing string sculptures further metamorphose the scene to transcendent heights…

The show stopping spectacle was preceded by three other Gregangelo & Velocity Circus signature acts: The Whirling Dervish, Solar fire ensemble, and Antares aerial silks.

Guest were treated to a preview on arrival into the venue as Gregangelo’s winged and stilted India inspired Characters greeted guests in the lobby where Ragava’s smaller scale paintings were displayed for auction…

Massive Watercolor Painting / Backdrop Painting by Raghava KK, Full Scale Raghava KK Painting Featuring Velocity Dancers in Raghava KK Painted Costumes, Details of Anthropomorphismation Presentation, Metamorphosis of Raghava KK Painting through Gregangelo’s Signature Circus Artistry & Special Theatrical Lighting Effects, Raghava KK (second from left) & Gregangelo (third from left) Ready to Greet the Audience & Talk of the Collaboration, Gregangelo’s Fire Act Ensemble, Velocity Aerial Act, Gregangelo Whirling Dervish, Gregangelo’s India Inspired Characters in Lobby, Traditional Indian Dance Ensemble.

UN-AIF concert – Technical director Ezra J Stanley from AboveGrey Pictures on Vimeo.

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