Atelier Des Merveilles

Gregangelo transforms Atelier Emmanuel, a high end Hair Salon and Day Spa in San Francisco, into a fantastical wonderland renamed: L’Atelier des Merveilles (a Workshop of Wonders).

For just one magical evening, clients of the salon were disoriented in a once familiar space and led by a menagerie of sensational characters through the labyrinthine word.

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Guests began the journey in the antique cage elevator which transported guests “Up” The Rabbit Hole to the top of the historic Whitell building, through the looking glass, and into the “Drink Me”, “Eat Me”, “? Me” foyer, where guests were treated to potions, elixirs and confectionary mushrooms before traversing the 13 portals into the 5 studios of Wonder. Butterfly faeries danced and titillated the senses in the Metamorphosis Lounge, Madd “Wiggers” and “Twizzors” performed crazy “Beautifying” experiment’s in the 2 Beauty Bars, A phosphorescent being indulged guests in soothing massage in the other worldly Illumination Spa, and a venture down the Hallway of Descending Portals gave one the illusion of growing vastly tall before passing thru the Sugared Kisses booth and crawling over the threshold into the Enchanted Garden Party…

Emmanuel Noel-Proprietor, Atelier Emmanuel with Gregangelo-Proprietor, Velocity Arts & Entertainment, Garden Creatures, Invitation to the Event, Up The Rabbit Hole to the Top of the Historic Whitell Building, EAT ME, DRINK ME, ??? ME Foyer under Guard of the Cheshire Cat, Down the Hallway of Descending Portals, Living Doll in Wonderland, Blond on blonds, Metamorphosis Lounge, Indulge Senses with Winged Creatures in a Metamorphosis Lounge, Head massage in Hookah lounge, Kissing Booth, Enter the Enchanted Garden, The Queen of Hearts Beautifying Bar “Off with Your Ends!”, Garden Creatures, Living Buffet Tables Still Life with Talking Pineapple, Living Buffet Tables Flora & Fauna Buffet Table Tells You Future As You Eat, Wild Mushroom at Night, Atelier Staffs in their Salon Transformed to the Garden, The Mad Beauty Bar, Deep Scalp Treatment, Special Astral Effects in the Illumination Spam, Hair Monster Demonstrating Grooming Tips in the Nail & Waxing Salon, Bewildered Guests Leaving the Wonderland.

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