When our senses are set free, unexplainable phenomena occur…

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts presented AURA, an annual high price ticked donor event supporting the mission and vision of SMoCA

On the flip side, ODYSSEY was a sponsored family day which opened the museum’s doors for free to a new public and children.

Both delighted all of the senses with fully immersive interactive environments inspired by dramatic weather and breathtaking seasons.

Here is what the press had to say:

Following the sold-out success of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s recent experiential fundraiser “Night Circus,” the Museum has announced the launch of another ambitious benefit titled AURA. Just as the last gala was created as an otherworldly environment within the Museum, AURA also promises to completely transform SMoCA . To ensure the same incredible level of event production that engages all the senses, SMoCA has invited the dynamic entertainment team responsible for “Night Circus” to return for AURA. Circus School of Arizona (CSA) and San Francisco’s Gregangelo/Velocity Arts & Entertainment have proven to be leaders in aesthetic, ‘living installation’ productions, specializing in holistic, interactive experiences that lend themselves to the unique environment of museums.

The AURA concept was inspired by SMoCA’s exhibition The Five Senses, with special focus on a seminal work included in the show by acclaimed Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson which amplifies the experience of standing amidst water and a beautiful spectrum of fractured light. CSA and Gregangelo are crafting themes for AURA that channel weather, the alchemy of the ephemeral, and the kaleidoscopic wonder conjured by nature’s shifting, changing elements.

Last year’s fundraiser of dream-like gallery installations and lush settings of color, sound and spectacle will go to the next level for AURA. Costumed characters, prismatic light and projections, animated installations and altered environs will take the Museum by storm to create an unforgettable experience for SMoCA guests.

ODYSSEY family day

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art invites families to take a magical journey to see the museum completely transformed into a kaleidoscopic wonderland.

Explore the Museum’s fantastic new enchanting realms where each of SMoCA’s galleries will have a different colorful and imaginative environment inspired by weather and the natural world.  Explore each dazzling room’s unique arts & crafts activities where you might help create glowing fireflies or chase after shifting rainbows!  A spectrum of lively characters, playful acrobats and aerialists, mysterious magicians and spritely creatures welcome you throughout your Odyssey experience. The afternoon also features face painting, circus performers and tasty treats from local food trucks.

SMoCA is proud to host Odyssey Family Day free of charge thanks to the generous sponsorship support from The Dye Family Foundation; The Lou and Evelyn Grubb Charitable Fund; Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale; CSA and Gregangelo & Velocity Entertainment.

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