CCA Centennial

Commissioned by California College of the Arts to celebrate their 100 year anniversary

Gregangelo creates an art filled environment to engage the senses of the most masterful and influential artists. From its humble beginnings in 1907 with three classrooms, 43 students, and three teachers, California College of the Arts has developed into one of this country’s most prestigious art colleges. This gala commemorates CCA’s steady yet explosive evolution over the past century into one of the nation’s premier art and design schools…

School Founders Rise from the Dead to Greet During the Centennial Celebration, Labyrinth of Art, This Living Sculpture Fuses Art Icon & Performance Art-She Breaks the Record for the Longest Time Length of Standing Static as an Art Model, Guest Artists at Work Creating in front of the Mighty Sculpture of the ID Video Sculpture, Mid-Century Reporter Entertains Guests with Artful Anecdotes and Hand-Types Love Letters to Those from the Past, Present & Future, Chinese Artist Creates Custom Silhouettes of Guests, Aerialists Soul Bringing the Arts to New Horizons, Interactive Sound & Light Trance Chamber, The Interior Workings of the ID, EGO, SUPER EGO of the Artistic Mind (This is the Interior of the ID Video Sculpture).

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