The Pyram-ID is a high impact 3 dimensional video sculpture in the shape of a human face perched on top of a pyramid…which contains a secret chamber. The ID stands 16’ high and has a 16’x16’ base.

The video sculpture may be used for live video feed to project and magnify your face for powerful “OZ” like Be Seen and Be Heard messaging, emceeing, karaoke, or as a scenic backdrop.

It may also be a wise cracking/ wise minded interactive muse (one of our character actors), in which the ID actually speaks and replies to your guests!

We also provide special effects projected imagery formatted to the face which can be shown independently to animate the sculpture in any environment or mixed with your live video feed. Custom films are available to include your logos, messaging, branding, and content. While guests are amazed by the exterior of the magical ID, they may also indulge themselves in the luminescent inner sanctum of its hidden mythical pyramid chamber.

See gallery of images of the Pyram-ID in its multiplicity…

Put your Logo on Pyram-ID!
Take a look at our Corporate Branding Gallery!

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