Rachel Stegman


Rachel Stegman-Ware has been with Gregangelo & Velocity Circus for nearly 8 years.  In addition to becoming an Aerial Performer and Instructor for Gregangelo & Velocity Circus, Rachel extended her talents to Administration, Sales, Management, PR, and Bookkeeping for the company.

Rachel, will be opening and directing “The Velocity Circus School” of Arizona in 2007 in association with Gregangelo & Velocity Arts & Entertainment.
She had her first taste of Circus Arts at the young age of 8 years old while on a family vacation at a Club Med.  After her initial experience, Rachel had haunting dreams of becoming a Circus Aerialist.

She grew up in Arizona with no access to the circus world until her parents sent her across country to attend a performing arts camp in New York at the age of 16.  There she received training from retired performers from Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus.  From age 16-23 she again had no contact with the circus world, but continued to dream of her aspirations. At the age of 23 she decided to follow her heart and sought further aerial training.  Since then, she has studied with numerous Circus Performers from many different circuses including The Pickle Family Circus and Gregangelo & Velocity Circus.  She trained at the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, now called Circus Center, as well as at Trapeze Arts, Inc. in Oakland, CA.

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