Press Quotes

“Amazing entertainment”
—Entertainment Tonight

— LA Times

“Spectacular, Beautiful…Elaborate…Complete”
— Vanity Fair

“Gregangelo’s Velocity Circus and the music and humor of Emmy-winner Rita Abrams come together in a show that is astonishing, funny, uplifting and entertaining from beginning to end. I loved every minute of it. ”
— Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal

“…Makes the Tango look like the Hokey Pokey”
— Rick Polito, Marin Independent Journal

“This Troupe has it All! Unusual, but still appealing to a mainstream audience”
“Magical…Entertaining…Delightfully Inventive…Fetching Extravaganza…Eye-Candy”
“Breathtaking, Powerful, Mystical, Hypnotic”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“For the party people will talk about all season, hire an act guaranteed to wake up the guests.”
“Thoroughly Modern Entertainment”
— San Francisco Examiner Magazine

“Along comes a Circus that’s not only full of physical stunts, feats, and special effects, but also appeals to the intellect”
— Where Magazine, San Francisco and Bay Area

“What a bunch of Weirdos!”
— The B-52

“Simply brilliant…the highest of the show. Not just an act but an aesthetic. Much, much more than just circus acts!”
—The Times of India

”Your acts made me want to vomit”
— Vertigo Sufferer

“Exciting and Highly Engaging…. Masterful”
— World Arts West

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