Pumpkin Festival

Oohs & Aahs in OZ

Once upon a time on the day after yesterday
Or was it the day before tomorrow?
What I mean is….Today!
The Land of Oz was paralyzed with fear
And getting more so by the hour!
Of that Wicked old witch’s MALEVOLANT power!!

(Enter witch, pause)
Wherever she went, she caused an upheaval
Whatever she did was CRAWLING with evil!

(Witch animates, pause)

‘Til one fateful day–and nobody planned this–
She was MELTED AWAY by that little girl from Kansas!!

(Smoke machine as she melts, pause)

As she faded away, the SON of THAT witch
Grabbed his MOM’s broomstick, and BAM!!
His life switched!

*wait until clock chimes for next line

Minute by minute and hour by hour,
That Son-of a Witch got the STRANGEST OF POWERS

19th Annual Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival
October 5th & 6th 2013
Elk Grove Park, Sacramento

Click here to read the Elk Grove Citizen ONLINE article called “The circus comes to town”

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