Gregangelo & Velocity Circus Troupe

Velocity Cast Painting


RINGMASTER of Velocity Circus Troupe

Keeping up with the Accelerating Pace of life

By whirling in circles, bending backwards, and tying ourselves into knots

Needing a Multitude of talent, skill, and imagination to entertain us through each day = TROUPE

Velocity Circus Troupe

Gregangelo and Velocity Circus Troupe bring high-impact entertainment to any engagement. Velocity Circus Troupe offers educational and interactive shows, full-length theatrical shows, community residencies, acts for shared performances, strolling acts and character antics for corporate and convention venues, team-building assemblies, custom shows and scripts for business promotions, consultations, appearances in television commercials, movies, themed engagements, private parties, circuses, fairs, festivals, aerial classes, and more.

New Solar

“This troupe has it all…unusual but still appealing to a mainstream audience… modern entertainment.”
— San Francisco Chronicle

“phenomenal… sophisticated… dramatic…”
— L.A. Times

“Hire an act guaranteed to wake up the guests.”
— S.F. Examiner Magazine

New Luna

Please call for creative proposal ideas. Our galaxy of world-class artists will leave your audience dazzled.

V E N U E S : S H O W T H E M E S :
  • Corporate
  • Theatre
  • Circus
  • Educational
  • Civic
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Media
  • Film
  • Print
  • Product Launch
  • Promotional
  • Sports Events
  • Television
  • Concerts
  • International
  • Private
  • Astronomy
  • Arabian Fantasy
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Cirque
  • Studio 54
  • Cotton Club
  • James Bond /Mission Impossible
  • Atlantis Underwater Fantasy
  • Aviation throught the ages
  • Jungle / Enchanted Forest
  • Cyber
  • Las Vegas Rhinestone Review
  • Fire and Ice
  • Science and Arts
  • Traditional / Turn of the Century
  • and much much more…!

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