“It has taken me decades of world travel into the deepest recesses of jungles and caves to the canopies of rain forests to unearth the realities of human evolution. It took me just a few amazing moments witnessing your performance to see a glimpse of the other worldly realities of our humanity…thanks for the adventure into the wonders of imagination. Can you teach me how to fly?”
-Wade Davis, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

“You keep me dreaming bigger and creating more fun adventures in my own life all these years later… The world NEEDS the beauty, joy and light that you bring!”
-Lisa Graham,  Jouralist

“I will never be impressed again.
-Hanus, World Traveler

“Your troupe lent elegance and grace, creativity and innovation, and lots of wonderful energy to our gala.”
-Steven Dinkelspiel, Publisher San Francisco Magazine


They were AMAZING! I have to tell you…my CEO came up to me and said (exact words), “how the f$%& are you going to top this???”

“Indeed, Gregangelo’s team comes through again. I refer to them as my secret weapon.  You can add all the flowers and decor you want but nothing compares to his talent and creative inspiration for bringing everything to life.  Everyone is still talking about it around here!!!”
-Jennifer Donner | Director – Corporate and Field Events

URBAN GARDEN gallery link

“Last night was a huge success … My client was soooo speechless…  I loved every bit of what you guys did.  You really are amazing at your job. .
Not only was it flawless, but everything was done very short term.  You honestly MADE the night what it was.
-Mark Roberts | W San Francisco, an exclusive whatever/whenever experience

“When I spoke from the podium about the importance (perhaps even crucial requirement) of exposing artistic performance, creativity, and talent to our lives, I really meant it. I and others in the audience felt we were in the presence of a truly gifted individual. Thank you for bringing your aesthetic to the world.”
-James Clark, World Technology Network

“Thank you for making my maiden voyage to San Francisco
such a gas. I can’t wait to come back.”
-Alan Smith (guest at corporate event)

”Way over the edge.”
-GTE Mobilnet

“What a wonderful experience! The presentation has been the talk of the town, and as you know, our executives were highly impressed. And of course a special thanks to Gregangelo who envisioned and made possible exactly what I tried to communicate to him…”
-Jo-Ann Rullan, Univision

“Not only did you guys put on a really awesome party, but you also set a new GlobusWorld record —we’ve never EVER had anybody DANCE at any of our parties before!!”
-Platform Corporation executive

“Everyone was overwhelmed by the professionalism and shear showmanship of your Velocity Circus troupe. Nothing of that magnitude has ever been done at our foundation before. You had the perfect warmth, charm and athleticism for our event.”
-LeRoy Yates M.D., Chairman of Genesis Health Systems, Gala Foundation Committee

“Thank you so much for giving our guests a fantastic show for our Friday Night Live event. Standing in the audience to observe the show, I can attest to everyone’s amazement.”
-Rudy Geronimo 2009 Convention Manager of AIA SAN FRANCISCO

“Amazing! Loved, loved, loved the costumes! Everyone was so professional and on point, it made the evening a blast!”
-Jenifer Duke Executive Assistant at Yelp, Inc.


“The party brought to everyone just what I was hopping it would:  being 8 years old again.” 
-Laurence Pride, PRIDE Winery, CA


“…not sure how to thank you and all of your talent and fun loving performing Artist’s… I’m proof that dreams do come true and I owe my full filled dream to all of you. I love you all for being so supportive of my vision and being so freaking easy to deal with, you were my ”easy button” from the beginning. I look forward to working with you again and again and again…..”
-Celine, 16500 Architectural Lighting Firm

“You guys rock! and I can’t thank you enough for being so talented, creative and wonderful to work with. You read my mind and made it happen! You made our night and have gone down in the history of the home furnishings industry as the best…”
-Margaret Casey, San Francisco Design Center

“Everyone really enjoyed your vision brought to life. I so appreciate your willingness to make things work within City Hall’s many, many parameters and labor requirements. Your grace under pressure is admirable and the end result was stunning.”
-Catherine Peters, CMP of Immersa Marketing

“I have to tell you that everyone was commenting on how amazing you and your team were…thank you again for going above and beyond!!! You went above and beyond, handling our clients too with such grace and humor.”
-Molly McDaneld / Creative Director Immersa Marketing

“Velocity Circus is the only entertainment group our company trusts to bring a shared creative vision to life. I can speak highly about their level of professionalism, limitless creativity, management strength, production bandwidth, and valued partnership.”
-Clay Jones, Principal at ROADSHO Productions, Inc.

“Gregangelo and Velocity Arts and Entertainment is unique in that they truly provide custom entertainment that can’t be found elsewhere. We have often called on them to develop unique costuming, characters, and installations that exceed all expectations.”
-Molly McDaneld, Creative Director at Branduin Creative

“An amazing job- the performers were incredibly surreal and fun. You were the highlight!”
-Sheri Nelson, Event Designer

“You are my hero, a Gregangelo presence at any event always adds the perfect panache and flare. The evening was a great success- to quote the end client with over the top customer delight. I’m proof that dreams do come true and I owe my fulfilled dream to you.”
-Celine Marcipan, Event Designer

“Thank you for your creative brilliance in design and execution of ideas. It was a highly energized arena…so many talented people passionately working together to create a fabulous event. And, it materialized beautifully on the event night. It makes my job enjoyable to get to work with people like you who are creative, committed, collaborative, flexible and always deliver.”
-Karen DeTemple, Ideas with Impact

“It was so great of you to put so much time and energy into making all of this happen for us on pretty slim funding. Not to mention the peace of mind we had while working with you! Something not so evident with many other suppliers.”
-Krista Slack, Event Designer

“Gregangelo – YOU ARE AWESOME!!! What a great way to tie all the elements together and keep the audience connected and entertained!”
-Thom Vindiola, Creative Manager for Gay Men’s Chorus

“The talent and performers’ artistry was absolutely beyond amazing! Everyone was over the moon.”
-Eden, Event Designer

“Gregangelo is such an amazing, competent person!”
-George P. Johnson. Experience Marketing.

“Last night was a huge success. My client was speechless the entire night. I loved every bit. Not only was it flawless, but everything was done very short term. You honestly MADE the night what it was.”
-Mark Roberts, Sales Manager at the W San Francisco

“Many thanks to you for providing remarkable value. The show was
-Chuck Conner


“Your performers did a perfect job entertaining and wowing our guests.  They really lifted the energy of the room, got people on the dance floor, made people laugh and generally made for a spectacular evening. I have never seen so much enthusiasm out of our guests before.  I was so impressed with the talent, skill and professionalism of Velocity Arts. Jacqie, you understood my desires for the event perfectly and were a pleasure to work with.  I truly hope we work together again in the future.  I highly recommend Gregangelo and Velocity Arts!”
-Kate Gorman | University of the Pacific

“Thank you to each and every one of you other worldly and prophetic people.”
-Roger Carr at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

“All aspects were really top-notch. The kids haven’t been that excited and engaged in a performance in quite awhile. Both groups of students (younger and older) responded with sincere enthusiasm. Even my ‘sophisticated 6th graders’ got into the performances and were excited and intrigued by what they saw.”
-Julia, grade school teacher

“The show was just wonderful – dynamic, interactive, engaging, magical, beautiful, moving, inspiring, and fun. Thank you for your willingness to work within our constraints and to create such a fantastic show.”
-Presidio Middle School SF

“Gregangelo and Velocity Circus did a perfect job entertaining and wowing our guests. They really lifted the energy of the room, got people on the dance floor, made people laugh and generally made for a spectacular evening. I know I won’t soon forget the outstanding aerial performances or the image of some of our old dentist alums in tuxedos with a giant crocodile, octopus, or dragon on their foreheads. Classic!”
-Kate Gorman, Donor Relations Manager at the University of the Pacific

“What can I say? That was an incredible night. The energy in the room was amazing.”
-Gary Sharlow, Manager of Lifelong Learning at California Academy of Science


“Thanks for the psychedelic trip through paradise!”
-Fine Arts Museum Patron

“Exceptional. Loads of people stepped up to participate.”
-Tecoah, Berkeley Art Museum

“Overall, the troupe did an outstanding job. The interactions were fun, educational, surprising and delightful to everyone! Each artist was friendly and outgoing, helpful and collaborative to Museum staff and guest alike. The entertainers are very dedicated to their craft and the professionalism exhibited by each performer was noticed. “
-Amy Oppio, Deputy Director of the Nevada Museum of Art

“The topper of the event was Gregangelo. He is by far the most creative genius I have met in my life. Everything he touches in his life is virtuously impacted with creativity and zest. He has such an infectious personality. Whew!”
-Sandra Leathley

“The entertainment truly made the party and added a sense of joy, play, and fun. Not only did you make my job easier with your professionalism and positive attitude and bring the best entertainment Stars has seen yet, you also complimented me in curlers, and made me feel ready and confident to face the crowds- Thank you.”
-Karen Bush Coordinator of The Museum of Art & History, McPherson Center

“We love the installation and we’ve been getting rave reviews from our visitors and staff! What can I say Gregangelo? WE ADORE YOU! You are an absolute treasure.”
-Renee M. Baldocchi, Director of Public Programs/Cultural Encounters Initiative, De Young Museum

“What makes your performances so special is that they remind us of the fact that there is magic in the world and “things” more important than what we can see and touch. You guys really hit “IT” every time I see you. “IT” is what happens when the artistry reaches the audience and transports them to another time and place… mesmerizing. Thank you soooo much!”
-Alexandra Hamilton, Bay Area Discovery Museum

“You surpassed even my highest hopes and expectations – which is saying a lot, since I have seen you perform miracles before.”
-Lori Fogarty, Executive Director Oakland Museum CA


“Your artistry will be the talk of town!”
-San Francisco Symphony

“I just want to thank you again for providing the spectacular artists and costumes at Opera Ball. They provided the first spark to the evening in an elegant and ethereal way never experienced before.”

-Beth Brill, San Francisco Opera Guild


“ Hollywood has nothing on San Francisco’s Velocity!! “
-Film Producer

“I feel like I’m in a Fellini movie”
-Katie Kelly, Television personality

“Velocity makes dreams come true! You were able to embrace the merging of Arts with Science theme and bring it to life. Your recognition of the cause brought genuine emotion to every element of the performance. It is that heart and spirit that draws the most creative artists in San Francisco to your entertainment company.
What a joy to play in your world, my dear Peter Pans.”
-Anne Fox, Producer


“The buzz about this night was all about the entertainment: The costumes, the energy, and the professionalism of your troupe is extraordinary. It is impossible to express how grateful I am.”
-Ray Mueller Event Coordinator of the AIDS Coalition, Silicon Valley

“I thank you, Gregangelo, for all of your hard work in bringing this event to fruition. I know that the planning cycle was short and we had to put the pedal to the metal, but it really was a flawless production. This couldn’t have happened without your dedication and attention to detail.”
-Todd Benzies, Non-profit leader

“I just wanted to tell you how well received the blue trio was at the Kids’ Turn dinner last week. You are amazingly well accomplished in what we set out to do — add some fun and whimsy behavior to a group of people who tend to be stuffy and conservative.”
-Claire Barnes, Non-profit director


“Thank -you for bringing your generosity, enthusiasm, and magic to our Sweet Shop installation, it is the childrens’ favorite thing about our boutique. Thank-you for making us shine.”
-Debbie at Summer Rainbow

“Greg, you are the Justin Bieber of fourth grade girls.”
-Michelle Syufy

“You orchestrated the best gift we could ever give our family and friends: the gift of a memory to take with them through their lives.”
-Libby Heimark, Family Matriarch

“It was awesome to see people’s faces as they walked up the stairs and their jaws dropped. I especially want to thank you for your commitment to making such a big impact.”
-Nicole Grant at The Bold Italic

“It meant the world to my daughter, Rachael, when you took her onstage after the show, she was so happy to be up there with you for those few moments.”
-Robert Wadginski, Father

“Our Artistic Director is still raving about the entertaining, lavish, and masterful job on the show last night. Personally, I couldn’t believe we had a finished product by show time last night. You really made it happen.”
-Ellie Mednick, Community Leader

“The evening was a HUGE SUCCESS! I loved working with someone as professional and meticulous with detail as you.”
-Louise Mountford, Theatre Director

“The performance last night was spectacular. From the black light entrance to the waiting room filled with aerial dancers, music and food.”
-Hilga, Arts Director

“When I tried to explain the Gregangelo Museum tour to friends, it seemed impossible to do. The experience, what I saw, and my reactions to it will stick with me…”
-Stephanie, San Franciscan


“It’s good that there’s no paucity
Of wisdom or sagacity
Or, most of all, audacity
To perform with ferocity
Forever with Velocity!”
-Rita Abrams | Song Writer/Lyricist

“I have heard and known about you for years…but meeting you and seeing your “world” completely surpassed my high expectations.”
-Laurie, Artist


“We absolutely loved the show… spectacular…the costumes, the dancing!!!
You didn’t leave anything out…just wonderful…I wish I could have seen it twice”

“Thank you for your wonderful work… you really bring the magic visibly into each of our hearts”

“A really fantastic show! A good time was had by all. Great costumes, sound, lights… it was like a visit to Oz if Oz was a circus in Egypt.”

“Amazing Performance! Snakes, Fire, Aerobatics and whirling dervishes – two enthusiastic thumbs up!”

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”

“Heliopolis was a fantastic show and I recommend it to everyone. 
The visuals were wonderful and the dancers and acrobats were 
just plain stunning!!!”

“We loved it!!! The kids were enthralled, as was the hubby (with the beautiful belly dancers)”

“A visual masterpiece with your talented artists, stunning costumes, music and film… I enjoyed all four shows just as much as the first.”

“All I can say is that the Velocity Circus Troupe show was life changing — gorgeous, innovative and engaging.”

“Fabulous!… We had wonderful time and enjoyed the musical score, film clips, comedy and excitement.”

“What an extraordinary performance! The 7 of us had a marvelous, elevated experience.
Bravo to all of you for masterful performances, especially the whirling dervish (Gregangelo)!”

“Thank -you for all the creativity and magic – stupendous!”

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