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 Dance Fusion and Drum Ensemble   Suhaila / Velocity Dancers  
 Rhinestone Review Shows   LuminEssence 
 Stilt Dancing / Artistic Rollerskating   Titan 
 Interdisciplinary Movement Artists   Capacitor 
 Aerial/Vertical Dance   Bandaloop 

an Arabic name for a constellation in the Eastern Sky
The "Velocity Dancers" are led by world-renowned Suhaila Salimpour who has produced, choreographed, and starred in a countless number of performances around the world. Suhailaıs unique concept has been compared to the pounding rhythms of "Stomp", the synchronized discipline of "Riverdance", and the charismatic enthusiasm of "The Rockettes". The Suhaila Dance Company creates a blast of energy that is honed to perfection, while Suhaila tears up the stage with her rhythmic fire. From her beautiful and exotic sword dancers to the pounding percussions of her drum dancers, we invite you to discover the world class Suhaila Dance Company giving sensational entertainment and leaving you with unbelievable satisfaction.

* 5-16 dancers in ensemble perform phenomenal floor
    shows and accompany many of our spectacle acts.

* Suhaila is available to choreograph ensemble numbers
    for any thematic request.


The radiant light emitted form a celestial body.

LuminEssence is our multi-cultural ensemble of extraordinary singers, dancers, and variety artists, who star in elaborate "Rhinestone Review" style shows, which are under the brilliant artistic direction of the world-renowned Mr. DuBeg. Mr. DuBeg's one-of-a-kind, extravagant costumes and choreography are currently featured at the legendary "Moulin Rouge" in Paris, France, as well as in the award-winning spectacle "Jubilee" at Bally's in Las Vegas, USA. LuminEssence is truly a spectacular visual celebration
of classic glittering entertainment presented with youthful and contemporary wit, panache, technical wizardry, and sensibility. This rare and lavish production is a signature exclusive.


The largest of the nine moons of Saturn;
a person of enormous size

Titan is a gold-medal artistic roller skater with numerous international titles. He is creator of Aerial Stilt Dancing: a dream-like performance on stilts combining jazz, modern dance, circus arts, and visionary costuming. Titan's diverse training includes attendance at the U.S. Olympic International Training Center, and at various dance, acrobatic, and fashion centers.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

photo: Julie Constantino

A device for accumulating and building
a charge of electricity

Capacitor, a trademark troupe of movement artists, dancers, aerialists, jugglers, musicians, and martial artists, was voted Best Local ³Dance² Company in San Francisco. The classically trained Jodi Lomask is the Director of Capacitor and is the daughter of a scientist and a visual artist. Jodi merges both of these contrasting worlds in Capacitorıs work. Capacitorıs innovative repertory explores the effects of the rapid changes in our life brought about by scientific advancement, the majestic gravitational forces of the universe, as well as other science/arts-fused subjects. Utilizing a host of unusual body props and aerial apparatus, Capacitor always provokes our imaginations while stimulating our intellects.

Performers: 3-10
Technicians/Riggers: 1-4
Length of works: 5-70 minutes
Music: Original compositions
Costumes: Original Design

A group of individuals who unite; performing aerial dance maneuvers while suspended from cords
Founded in 1991, Project Bandaloop is a group of dancers, climbers and riggers under the direction of Amelia Rudolph who present work that emerges from the intersections of dance, sport, ritual and the environment. The work seeks to honor nature and community through performance. Exploring the boundaries of dance and performance, the choreography employs aerial, vertical and horizontal movement to make site-specific dance. The choreography is performed in a wide variety of sites, from urban towers and skyscrapers to stages, warehouses, boulder fields and large granite walls, freeing the dance and dance space of convention. The work is a marriage of modern dance and rock climbing, culture and nature, mortality and celebration. Honoring the natural world and the human spirit, Project Bandaloop hopes to enrich the quality of life through public art performances that reach large and diverse live audiences, as well as more intimate remote mountain dances and theatre works.

Technicians/Riggers: 2-4
Length of works: 4-20 minutes+
Music: Original or recorded
Costumes: Original - organic in nature
"Facilities": * Theatres and warehouses
* High steel towers / Space Needles
* In the mountains: from boulders to 2,400-feet high & cliffs
* Buildings and skyscrapers up to 23-story high

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