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highly esteemed precious gem

Jade, international-caliber illusionist, is often referred
to as "the Beauty of Magic." She is the recipient of the prestigious International Gold Medal of Magic Award, France's Maudratie Award, and the Merlin Award titling Jade, "Best Female Magician of the Year." Jade mystifies audiences all over the world at corporate events and casino revue shows. Notable engagements include command performances for Ringo Starr and the Royal Family of Monaco. From intimate prestidigitation to grand illusions, Jade's magic is tailor-made to fit your every entertainment need.

Height: Deceptive
Weight Weightless
Hair: Captivating
Eyes: Entrancing

A puzzling or inexplicable occurance or situation.

Enigma, known as "The Master Prodigy," started the art of magic at the age of seven. Combining pure sleight of hand, his high-energy character, a unique flair, and his love of the art has earned him "Stage Magician of the Year 1998-1999" by the San Francisco Conjurors. In the past, Enigma has appeared and disappeared for KGO Broadcasting, The Rose Ball Beauty Pageant, The Bay Area Discovery Museum, The Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan Tour and much more. He has brought his award-winning dove manipulation act to the Twist-off Cabaret and to a four month run of ≥San Francisco Magic≤ in City Cabaret, a Cabaret theatre in the heart of the San Francisco Theatre District.

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