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Gregangelo and Velocity Circus Troupe offer rare and exceptional virtuoso musical acts. Some examples are: male soprano with classical pianist, all percussion / electronic bands, singing saw, Calliope, other novel instruments, character singers, arabic and world beat fusion bands, and more!

 novelty songs: Dr. Elmo
 character pianist: Cassiopeia
 opera diva: Vesuvia
 composer/lyricist/writer: Rita Abrams
 jazz singer/musical emcee/voices: Ms. GG Bridges

Dr. Elmo
Custom scripts, songs and novelty shows
for any day of the year.

Dr. Elmo’s allotted fifteen minutes of fame should have run out 25 years ago, when his song, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” received its first radio play in 1979. But unlike disco, 8-tracks and platform shoes, Dr. Elmo's cheerfully subversive holiday song is still popular – having long since replaced Bing Crosby's “White Christmas” as America's most requested Christmas song.

Each December, radio stations and presenters throughout the country call Dr. Elmo for his Christmas commentary and live-on-air renditions of “that Grandma song," plus his newest releases – which this year included “Christmas without Martha” and “Christmas across the USA.” Dr Elmo’s expansive repertoire features numerous secular, novelty, and comical songs written with Rita Abrams. He has become a living American Icon in holiday music, and his voice has been a recognizable favorite over the airwaves for years now.




A dazzling circum polar constellation in the shape af a cassio keyboard.

Cassiopeia (AKA Kitten on the Keys) is an internationally known award-winning pianist and chanteuse. Her work embodies the spirit and style of those days of decadence gone by. On piano, keyboard, or accordion, she plays a meow mix medley of antique treasures, rare cabaret songs, and contemporary power rock ballads! She rejuvenates madcap gems of yesteryear with a modern twist - all the while bedecked in glamorous vintage attire! Cassiopeia's sassy and sensational charisma will have your guests singing and dancing away. She walks on stilts too! Vocalists and ensembles show also available.

"Liquid Liberace with a naughty whimsical edge."

Height: 8.5 octaves
Weight A lady never tells!
Hair: Harmonious
Eyes: Engaging




Venusia began tuning her vocal chords with the San Francisco Girls Chorus at the age of seven. Through this experience and passion for classical music and Opera she pursued her dream of singing leading roles. She is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with an emphasis in vocal performance. Her rare and beautiful voice has captured the ear of countless audiences in her roles and as a resident artist with Gregangelo & Velocity Circus, in addition she has made several command performances for the members of the United Nations and Global Philanthropic leaders. She has opened numerous national celebrations and arena’s with her rendition of the National Anthem, and her most prized role is the starring  role of Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni. Her signature style fuses a well trained classical voice with techno and ambient music, bringing opera to both a well seasoned audience as well as an appeal to a younger audience. 






Rita Abrams brings a lifetime of excellence and achievement to Gregangelo & Velocity Circus and CUE. Rita Abrams is the creator of the musical stage version of John Gray’s MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS, represented by Columbia Artist Theatricals. Rita’s many honors include two Emmy Awards, and twenty-plus ASCAP special awards; and for her work in children’s recordings, video and film, she has won awards from Associated Press for Best Video, New York TV and Film Festival, and CINE, to name a few. Her San Francisco Bay Area theatrical collaborations have earned her three Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle awards. Her international hit single “Mill Valley” topped the charts in the ’70s, securing her place in the annals of Americana — not to mention Life Magazine and Rolling Stone. Rita’s newest CDs with Dr. Elmo, of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” fame have just sold over 130,000 for BMG Entertainment (second only to Elvis in the Christmas category!) and Clear Channel radio programmed her songs on 1,200 stations during the Christmas season.

From touching ballads to side-splitting comedy, Ritas songs and sketches are a perfect compliment to our Spectacle and High-Impact productions. We are excited to present her incredible abilities in customizing songs, scripts and shows to the public, corporate, and special event markets!





San Francisco’s golden girl
of musical entertainment

Born and raised in San Francisco, Ms GG Bridges possesses "that rare and thrilling voice, which can startle you with its power and then grab you with its subtle nuances", as noted by multi-award winning Los Angeles director, Michael Michetti. The key word to describe her career would be “versatile.” She has appeared live in numerous popular venues,as well as several television, film, and stage productions. Her voice has been heard on many regional and national commercials as well as on CD Roms for Disney, Lego, and Leapfrog, and a theme song for a television mini series. Her ability to access the childlike part of her voice has made her a natural for such Disney Records recordings as “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Goldilocks.” Her jazz club act has delighted audiences throughout the United States, and she has been a guest artist with big bands all over the world, the most prestigious of which being the San Francisco Symphony, after she was chosen by the award winning composer, Billy Goldenberg, to sing for the 50th Anniversary of the San Francisco Ballet, directed by Michael Smuin.Her fastidious efforts to customize shows to specific audiences makes Ms. GG Bridges a highly sought-after performer for corporate and special events. 

Specs: Stellar


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