T H E   A C T S : oddities
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 Dislocation Contortion/Enterology: Parallax 
 Sideshow Arts: Anomaly 
 Thrill Stunt Artist: Plasmar 
 Hand-blown bubble sculptures: Nebular 
 Torture King: Zamora 
 Female escapologist & side show antics: Jewels
 Archery: Aldebaran

The apparent displacement of a celestial body.

Contorting his body into impossible positions, Parallax demonstrates a variety of perplexing skills including: extreme twisting, escape artistry and enterology (getting into confined spaces such as an 18-gallon box, tennis racquet, toilet seat, and anything humans are not supposed to get into) In a self-invented act which he terms "de-escape," he gets into a locked strait-jacket, chains himself up, and then crams himself into an 18" x 18" box. Parallax holds a Guinness World Record for his de-escape act! He has appeared with numerous well-known sideshows as well as notable television appearances on Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular, The Roseanne Show, Real TV, Beyond Bizarre, and Guinness World Records Prime Time - to name a few!

Height: 16" - 5' 8"
Weight 135 lbs.
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Green

An odd, peculiar, or strange
condition, situation, or quality.
A deviation from the common rule.

The Anomaly Ensemble brings the traditional attractions of the sideshow to the modern stage. Blending elements of dance, danger, and circus arts with bravado and a sense of humor, these three characters awake desire
and curiosity in their spectators. This incredible cast
(and occasional special guests) has appeared in theatres, fairs, clubs, special events, and concerts — delighting
and disgusting audiences of all ages.

Height: ???
Weight Why?
Hair: Alive!
Eyes: Real!

The fourth state of matter,
consisting of hot and highly ionized gas

Plasmar is the original Danger Boy with nerves of steel and the spectacular precision of a neuro-surgeon. The press has called his Juicy Danger Show — "A combination of circus, vaudeville, and demolition derby," "a pyromaniac's wet dream," and "decadent, dangerous, obnoxious." Plasmar combines showy chainsaw, lawnmower, and blowtorch skills and amputation-defying homespun antics like "How to stop and industrial fan with your tongue" or "Everything you wanted to know about drinking liquid dish soap while smashing your digits with canned food."
"Be dazzled, be agog, be showered with lettuce and the intestines of soft toys" ... as you unnervingly view the world's maddest artist. Be careful where you sit!

Weight: never ask a freak
Hair: shaven
Eyes: bizarre

A bubble-like cloud of interstellar
gas and dust.

Nebular AKA the "Bubblesmith" is a pioneer and master in this bizarre and beautiful fusion of art and science. Using only his bare hands and an occasional piece of string, Nebular performs delightful shows and interactive bubble sculpting antics. Giant 3' bubbles, juggling bubbles, bubble chains, bubbles inside bubbles, bubbles pulled from bubbles, and vibrating bubbles with waves — are just a few featured presentations. Nebular's performances and workshops have been energetically received in prominent science institutions through the US. He has also been featured in OMNI and Smithsonian magazines. Engage your guests with this rare and whimsical art form.

Height:4 bubbles
Weight: what's it to you
Hair: clean & sudsy
Eyes: shimmering
Circumference: varies

A high-ranking officer of the universe

Zamora is THE "Torture King." Zamora spellbinds audiences worldwide with his extreme mind-over-body Sci-Fi flesh piercing, sword and flame swallowing, glass walking and eating, Tesla Coil, ladder of knives, and many other bizarre and superhuman feats. His sublime presentations astonish and astound, fascinate, and seduce all audiences. Believe it... or not? Find out for yourself.

Height:2 swords
Weight: solid
Hair: electrified
Eyes: piercing

An object or person of rare excellence

"JEWELS" is that girl your mother always warned you about: A bad girl who plays with fire; a voodoo doll who sticks pins in herself; a free spirit who won't be tied down, tied up, chained or restrained (well, not for long anyway). She's a whip-cracking wisecracking wild child who plays with some very dangerous toys.

photo by Larry Utley
of Pepper Design

Jewels is the lady of sideshow artists. She has toured the world performing for rock stars and royalty, fashion and corporate events, as well as acclaimed shows for the media and general public. Her thrilling shows and antics may include an engaging combination of the following: Escapology, Physical and spoken comedy, sword swallowing, piercing, bed of nails, angle grinding, and other freak skills. Your guests will be delighted and awed with her outrageous interactive shows and beautiful and bizarre presence.
* shows are available in 8 languages

Height:5' 1"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Eyes: brown

Photo courtesy of Billy Pegram Studios



A first magnitude star, resembling
a bull's eye, in the constellation Taurus.

Aldebaran, world-class archer, performs breathtaking,
death-defying feats of unbelievable accuracy. This archer fires
steel-tipped arrows at targets of apples, balloons, or garments
which are delicately balanced on his beautiful female assistant's
head or limbs. He has performed in 56 countries around the
world, including command performances for numerous
celebrities and world leaders.


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