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 Whirling Dervish / Rope / Tissue: Vortex
 Acrobatic German Wheel: Corvus
 Fire Eating:   Solar 
 Fire Ensemble:   Earendil 
 Storyteller:   Axis 
 Cowgirl Tricks:   Elliptica 
 Hand-to-Hand Balancing:   Libra 
 Strolling Puppet Theatre:   Seti 
 Stunt Hoopster:    Gyronaut 
 Chair-Hand Balancing/Straps/Pole/More:   Centaur 
 Stiltwalking/Slackrope/Aerials:   Aphelion 

A whirlpool of force, which is the basic form of the universe

A whirlpool of force, which is the basic form of the universe G R E G A N G E L O, is the founder and Artistic Director of Velocity Circus Troupe. His signature act, the WHIRLING CIRCUS DERVISH, has gained international recognition among theater, corporate, and television audiences. He has made appearances before numerous celebrities and world leaders, including the President of the United States, and has been featured in a Broadway premiere. Gregangelo performs aerial acts on vertical rope and tissue with the Velocity Circus Troupe, teaches aerial arts in San Francisco, and performs comedy character acting, as well as runs an off-the-beaten-path mini-museum in San Francisco.

Height: 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

The Southern Constellation which is home
of the wheel-shaped Cartwheel Galaxy

Corvus is a phenomenal acrobatic display of Man and Technology. Corvus's signature award-winning act and artistry was featured in Cirque Du Soleil's "Quidam" and "Fascination." Corvus seems to defy the laws of physics as he manipulates the wheel and his body into awe-inspiring formations with power, grace, and finesse. Corvus' show-stopping act has also been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Rosie O'Donnell Show, as well as numerous other national and internationally-acclaimed shows and high-profile engagements.

Minimum Technical Needs:
LEVEL seamless surface—
Marley, concrete, asphalt, hardwood, vinyl, outdoor carpeting

a radiant energy, light, and heat from the sun

Solar combines acrobatics, dance, contortion, and Eastern imagery in a gripping act of fire manipulation. Her renowned grace and skill at the ancient art of flame swallowing invariably leaves audiences around the world breathless. She has opened for Bonnie Raitt, Earth Wind and Fire, and Grace Jones, performing in venues from China to Holland, Malaysia to Honduras, and at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Recent television and screen appearances include HBO, The Discovery Channel, and the recent "Dr. Doolittle" with Eddie Murphy. Performing since age 5, Solar has learned from many, but has for the last four years been under the watchful eye of Master Lu Yi, former director of the Nanjing, Big Apple, and Pickle Family Circuses.

Height: 5'3"
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel

"Some say the world will end in fire.
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire.
I hold those who favor fire."
— Robert Frost

In faerie mythology, the star in the night sky most beloved by the ancient race.

Blending the ancient art of flame manipulation with futuristic alchemy, this beautiful ensemble takes fire artistry to the next level as the world's only multi-colored fire dancing troupe. This wonderous fusion of art and science creates burning hues of green, blue, and scarlet. Fierce in spirit and pure of heart, the trio of performers makes the difficult and dangerous look elegant and easy through their poise, presence, style and comfort with fire. The members of Earendil have graced the stages of national and international audiences form India to Brazil, Las Vegas to New York, the Carribean to Bali, and more. Experience emotions from awe to enlightenment when beholding Earendil's flawless skills with the element of passion, creativity and knowledge.

Height: Flaring
Weight Light
Hair: Infernal
Eyes: Scorching



The central stem of a rotating body

Axis is of Yaqui and Huichole descent and comes from a lineage of master storytellers in the Native American and Mexican Cultures. He began writing and storytelling at the ripe age of conception and continues weaving the threads throughout the fabrics of life. He takes his audiences through the looking glass, over the rainbow and into Whoville. A published poet and student of the heart, he warms audiences and captivates the imagination in his spells. He has spoken at numerous centers throughout Arizona and currently performs with Gregangelo in children's venues, The Whirling Circus Dervish and is the development director for Gregangelo & Velocity Circus Troupe.

The oblong circle path of a given object
around a heavenly body or central axis

Elliptica's "Cowgirl Tricks" stage show blends trick roping, whip cracking, cowgirl comedy, audience participation and more. On stilts as "Lucky Starr" — an eight foot tall ropin' cowgirl — she engages audiences with her special brand of Western humor. Elliptica is a versatile professional performer with a degree in Theater Arts, who also graduated from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Clown College. A recipient of the 1996 Wild West Arts Club "Whipcracker of the Year" award, Elliptica has appeared on stage, film and television in nine countries, delighting audiences around the world.

A puzzling or inexplicable occurance or situation.

Enigma, known as "The Master Prodigy," started the art of magic at the age of seven. Pure sleight of hand, his high-energy character, a unique flair, and his love of the art have earned him "Stage Magician of the Year 1998-1999" by the San Francisco Conjurors. In the past, Enigma has appeared and disappeared for KGO Broadcasting, The Rose Ball Beauty Pageant, The Bay Area Discovery Museum, The Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan Tour and much more. He has brought his award-winning dove manipulation act to the Twist-off Cabaret and to a four month run of "San Francisco Magic" in City Cabaret, a Cabaret theatre in the heart of the San Francisco Theatre District.

The balance: a Zodiacal constellation represented
as a balancing scale

The Libra Duo are both award-winning gymnasts, turned circus artists upon joining the cast of Cirque Du Soleil's "Mystere" in Las Vegas.

Both Masters of their craft, Libra joined forces to create "LIBRA," and astonishing display of gravity-defying hand-to-hand balancing, human strength, form, and imagination. Since their years with Cirque Du Soleil, Libra has gone on to perform at high-profile galas, review shows, and motion pictures.



Acronym for "Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence": the hunt for signals that could indicate the presence of other forms of life
in the cosmos.

Seti carries an entire cast of miniature "life forms" in her zany (yet glamorous) costume, which IS the puppet stage. She is a one-woman walking puppet show and accordion band. Recommended for all ages. Seti also offers full multi-cast, multi animation performances with original music and storylines.

Height: 1/2" - 8"
Weight: ???
Hair: Yarn
Eyes: Glass, Buttons

phobos GYRONAUT:
One who has mastered the craft
of Circular/Spiral/Orbital navigation

Gyronaut, the self-proclaimed "Hoola King," "Orbitron," "Mister Twister," and "Dr. Coriolis" is the world's most dedicated Hula Hoop stunt man. He is able to leap over tall objects, slice vegetables, juggle and eat, run marathons, and perform cowboy rope tricks — all while hula hooping. His signature 16-foot hoops, flaming hoops, human ring toss (record 53 hoop twirling) keep this guy mighty fit! Dubbed "The Gyro Pelvidelic Abdominal Hoopster," Gyronaut will keep your guests at the edge of their seats with his infinite hoop tricks and crowd-pleasing interactive antics. This dynamic Hula Hoop act is performed as a duo with the sensational artistic gymnast "Phobos" (shown left).

Height: Dizzying
Weight Orbiting
Hair: Coiling
Eyes: Spheres



A small body that roams among the realm of the giant planets; the legendary powerful creature that is half-man and half-horse.

Centaur, veteran of Cirque du Soleil, performs astounding gravity-defying acts of strength, grace, flexibility, and balance- on chairs, Chinese poles, aerial straps/tissue, blocks, and more! Incorporating charisma with phenomenal skill, Centaur's artistry is unsurpassed. Training disciplines include gymnastics and circus arts from L'école National du Cirque in Montreal. Centaur has appeared in major print & television ads, as well as in feature roles in review shows.

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

The point in a solar orbit farthest from the sun.

Aphelion holds a diploma from L'école Nationale de Cirque with a specialization in slack rope (which can be performed as a stage act or interactively with audience members holding rope ends). Her fabulous stilt-walking characters include a Magical Jester (shown), the Statue of Liberty, and a fantastical Silver Queen. (New characters/costumes are always developing.) Aphelion's other skills and acts include comedy foot juggling, doubles cloud swing, vertical rope and acrobatics. She has appeared in Disney Productions as well as regional, national, and international circuses.

Height: 8' +
Weight: 105 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

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