T H E   A C T S : visual artists

Visual Artists

An array of entities produced by the dispersion
of light and radiant energy

Gregangelo & Velocity Circus present a multitude of visual artists for "Performance" Art, On-the-spot Crafts-making, Body & face painting, Interactive Classes/Teambuilding, and more!

            CHOOSE FROM :
            Bead/Jewelry crafts
            Fire & water sculptors
            Fine arts painters
            Crafts painters
            Body/face/hair painters
            Henna artists
            Glass artists
            Clay sculptors
            Mosaic artists
            Doll/Puppet crafts
           Please call or e-mail for description.


The ratio of the light reflected
by a planet or satellite to that
received by it.

Albedo, a trained audio/visual/lighting engineer
is a brilliant artist and musician at heart. Working with fiber optics and light emitting diodes, neon,
and electronics, Albedo creates Signature illuminated sculpture, illuminated costumes, and large site specific indoor to massive outdoor environmental illuminated installations. His work is shaped by
a deep appreciation for natural and organic
forms, and an ever present fascination with
color and light. Though technology is often the enabling element of his work, his finished pieces
are rarely "technological" in nature; rather
they attempt to be more playful, magical,
and ethereal origins.

Height: Light Years
Weight: Light
Hair: Phosphorescent
Eyes: Luminescent


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