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   Creating Joyful Experiences Since 1990…


Gregangelo, Whirling Circus Dervish

Aerial, Acrobatic, Specialty,
Novelty, Dance, Comedy,  
Interactive, Ambient, Musical,
Visual &  Multi Media Arts
—Acts, Antics,
Arts Installations & Shows


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San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau  

American Guild of Variety Artists   


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Gregangelo & Velocity Circus is an innovative San Francisco-based Arts
& Entertainment Company.

Our in-house facilities include a San Francisco Arts Attraction, Costume Studio, Film and Video Editing Studio, Prop Shop, Rehearsal Space, 100 Seat Theatre suitable for Film, Circus, Dance, and Multi Disciplinary performances, an affiliate Circus School in Arizona,  and administrative offices.   

Our award winning team includes:
World-Class Circus & Specialty Artists, Visual Artists, Dancers, Choreographers, Costumers, Designers, Musical Talent, Composers, Lyricists, Film Makers, Cutting Edge Performers, Makeup, Adornment & Prosthetic Experts, Animators, Scientists & Engineers, Artistic & Technical directors, Riggers, Stunt Coordinators, Instructors & Coaches as well as seasoned Account & Artist Managers who are all instrumental in creating our one of a kind productions. We perform on the regional, national, and international special events, corporate, media and touring markets.

We provide inventive concepts, unique spectacle acts, characters, fantastic multimedia arts installations, antics, music, and shows tailored to audiences worldwide. The company'’s signature aesthetic fuses the arts & sciences with various elements of ancient, contemporary, & imagined futuristic world cultures.

Gregangelo & Velocity Circus are masters in providing high-impact and uncommon entertainment for both public and private special engagements (Corporate, Convention, Trade Show, Product Launch, Awards Ceremonies, Branding, Fashion Shows, Team Building Instruction, Fundraiser, Gala, Night Club, Media, Print, Children’s, Fairs, Festivals, Touring, Etc…)

Our vast Arts & Entertainment Services, museum quality costumes and original signature artistry are commissionable into ANY theme or venue.
   Velocity’s exceptional artists dedicate their lives to perfecting their diverse talents and skills. Bringing these stage acts to light are our lifetime achievements.
Our artistry has been recognized, sought-after and hired by the leading Entertainment Media and
Fortune 500 companies.





One cannot but be in awe when one contemplates the mysteries
of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough
if one tries to merely comprehend a little of this mystery everyday.
Never lose a holy curiosity.

— A l b e r t   E i n s t e i n