Heliopolis Testimonials


”It has taken me decades of world travel into the deepest recesses of jungles and caves to the canopies of rain forests to unearth the realities of human evolution. It took me just a few amazing moments witnessing your performance to see a glimpse of the other worldly realities of our humanity...thanks for the adventure into the wonders of imagination. Can you teach me how to fly?”
— Wade Davis, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence



“ Heliopolis combines masterfully crafted performing and circus arts with a touch of the exotic, the exquisite, and the eccentric...”
— San Francisco Examiner

Here are some comments from the Audience:

”We absolutely loved the show... spectacular...the costumes, the dancing!!!
You didn’t leave anything out...just wonderful...I wish I could have seen it twice ”


"Thank you for your wonderful work...you really bring the magic visible and into each of our hearts.”


”A really fantastic show! When is is coming back? A good time was had by all. Great costumes, sound, lights... it was like a visit to OZ if Oz was a circus in Egypt.”


“Amazing Performance! Snakes, Fire, Aerobatics and whirling dervishes - two enthusiastic thumbs up!”

"Heliopolis was a fantastic show and I would recommend it to everyone. The visuals were wonderful and the dancers and acrobats were just plain "Stunning"!!! "


"We loved it!!! The kids were enthralled, as was the hubby (with the beautiful belly dancers)"

"A visual masterpiece with your talented artists, stunning costumes, music and film... I enjoyed all four shows just as much as the first. "


"All I can say is that the Velocity Circus Troupe show was life changing — gorgeous, innovative and engaging. It was so wonderful and inspiring!"


“Fabulous!... We had wonderful time and enjoyed the musical score, film clips, comedy and excitement.”


” What an extraordinary performance! The 7 of us had a marvelous, elevated experience. Bravo to all for masterful performances, especially the whirling dervish !"


” Thank you for all the creativity and magic – stupendous!”


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